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About this blog

This blogis dedicated for passionates about computer science only.

You will find in this blog, articles concerning :

– Ways to learn differently.
– Computer science actuality : new techs, information security alerts … etc.
– Tips to become a hard specialist
– Tips and advice to transform you passion to a profession and make money.
– Opportinities of work, projects development.
– Memes …

Computer Scienceis a large field, we are focusing generally so in some sub-fields of CS like :

+ Programming :
– Helping you to start from Zero to hero
– Improve your programming skills and become a pro if you’re already a programmer
– Find passionnate people like you by interacting with our posts in comments
– Free books
– Orienting you to the right way
– Discover new technoligies (languages and their Framework)

+ A.I (Artificial Intelligence) :
– Discover the future of computer science
– Start writing logical programs
– Introducing you technics of manipulating big data and concept of machine learning

+ Information security :
– Learning to protect you firstly
– Learn to attack to learn how protect yourself from cyber-attacks
(Only for academic purposes, in other words ; we’re not going to make you a cracker)
– Learn how to write safe codes

* Otherwise, all what you will learn, you will learn it buy practicing, we will give some theorical courses but you will use them immediately

We hope this page will change your entire life and you become that person you’re dreaming daily.

* If I can I define what is success, I would say : “Success is doing what you love” … ah but I think someone already said it, he’s Steve Jobs!